Warm Boxing Day Greetings!

I thought id share something while finally the christmas craziness has settled down...

Just how many photos did you take over christmas day? well im not going to lie i was defaintly one behind the camera/phone grabbing memories for my family, of course i did the odd selfie because i want to ensure i acutally was there at the time.

Yes ill look back on this image and think... why didnt i get ride of the mess behind... but you know what! who cares, these memories regardless of how we look, what is in the background does not matter!

Capturing important memories and moments to look back on in years to come and to tresure and remember is what is important.

looking forward to 2020 and how we can ensure we capture more moments... it doesnt matter if its a Professional Camera or even our Mobile Phones.. get infront of the camera and get in those events too.

As we only have videos and photographs to look back on in years to come, lifes too short.. go out there and enjoy them while photograph them too.

Make 2020 your memories! Make 2020 about capturing your life! Make 2020 about YOU!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!

Jess x

The last few months has been pretty tough on me, I became really poorly spending most of my time in bed.. Sleeping or curled up on my sofa. Dealing with pains, aches, headaches and often unable to move.

Move onto today.. Well after having my MRI Scan my doctor called me to let me know she had my results... Could I come in.. Clearly me thinking Omg they have found something!

(spending most of my current time snoozing or relaxing in bed)

Hours passed and I was sat in the doctors surgery awaiting my turn..

Finally my name flashes up and its my turn to find out my fate, I have to mention my doctor is amazing! There I am sat looking at her thinking the worst... Please don't be the C word... But no she turns to me and says we've found your have a Syrinx on your spinal cord.. This is a rare disease and not very well known at all.

By this point I'm more relieved its not cancer but then I start thinking of all the questions about what I need to do for the future.

Let's just say I'm not allowed to do any boxing or horse riding and as for Gymnastics... Yep non of those tricks anymore.

Now my journey begins into being referred to JR Oxford for my Neurosurgery consultant appointment next month.

And how I will cope with between now and then with all my questions and emotions.

I will remain positive and grateful for our amazing NHS service we have.

Till my next segment of the journey of Jeff the annoying Fluid in my Spinal Cord

Jess x

The size is currently at 6.7cm Long

For more information on syringomyelia http://annconroytrust.org/